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I almost feel as if I have my ADD under control...almost. That almost place is where I still find comfort in feeling like I have not lost my creative, out-of-control, wild sparking place that is the bane--and the core--of who I am. While managing my ADD issues, I sometimes wonder what becomes lost in the gain of control and balance. In some ways I miss my frenetic side, but also can recall with great clarity all the reasons why that was not working for me.

I have known I had ADD since I was in my early twenties. This was before it was diagnosed as a legitimate disorder, and for years I had been told I was simply not applying myself (oh, I applied myself alright, it was just that I was applying myself in every direction but the one I needed to be going in!) I saw an episode on 20/20 in which a Harvard professor spoke about her own ADD issues and how she coped with them. She would set up several workstations around campus, and when she felt her attention waning, she would simply move to another area and work from there. I thought it was a brilliant concept, and also realized that the way she was in the world was very similar to the way I was. I was not stupid; it was just that my body could not keep up with the pace of my brain and I needed a way to get everything lined up.

It took me over twenty more years to figure it out. After trying everything from diet and exercise to acupuncture, herbal remedies and meditation, I went with a low dosage of Adderall. It really helped for a few years, but then I started to feel the effects of the amphetamines on my body. So now I watch what I eat, stay away from refined foods, take Vibe and 3 capsules of Omega Brites every day. This combination has made all the difference. Not kidding.

I will be happy to offer any advice/support/commiseration with others who live with ADD. We have been blessed with exceptional *enthusiasm*, but sometimes others can't always appreciate our special style!


Health, creativity, waste reduction and navigating life with as much enthusiasm and integrity as possible.